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Each user experiences the SOUND OF BELLS through a unique navigation, built by hyperlinks that connect content related to the topics of the interviews, allowing users to cross over geographical boundaries through a journey built by fragmented visual and sound elements.

From a map with 9 cities from Minas Gerais, Brazil, the user can browse through the context of the bells from the cities. The audio gallery is available for download under Creative Commons license, in order to promote the recreation of the cultural heritage and increase possibilities of sound esthetics.

Through photographs, videos and audios of churches, bells and cities database, the user can write a letter to someone and choose video scenes and audio excerpts. As a result, the system generates a 30-second VideoLetter to be shared, reaffirming the web as a multi-authored space.

Being primarily developed in open source softwares, this platform is an example of the use of digital and new media technology to raise awareness about cultural heritage and document it.

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